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Since ancient times, flowers have been the natural paintings for life, as well as catalysts and themes for poetry or music. In modern life, flowers are the gifts of love which can connect with one's soul. If you want to buy or make a handmade vase of flowers for your friends or relatives, MAGNOLIA CLAY FLOWERS will always be here and make you satisfied with our galleries and tutorial classes.

The Forerunner of Magnolia Clay Flowers is Viet-Uc Training Company LTD., and then  Jasmine Clay & Silk Flowers. We and Song Huong Clay Flowers have been cooperating since 2010. 

Magnolia Clay Flowers provides the following services:

- Training & Teaching

- Wholesale & Retail

- Orders on request

- Events: decorating for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries..




Through our long cooperation, we have had resounding success in the flower industry in general and particularly with handmade flowers, especially with our Clay Flowers.

In September 2011, we were honored to be invited to participate in Australia's largest flower Festival, held in Toowoomba, Brisbane.



And the next event, in March 2018, the Clay Flower Festival was held at Magnolia Clay Flowers Workshop, Darra, Brisbane. It attracted the attention and interest of customers as well as the Flower community. This successful event highlighted the development and the cooperation of the two companies.


Clay flowers came to Vietnam originally from Japan. Clay flowers are made from artificial clay which is mainly imported from Japan and Thailand. Through the hands of artists, clay can be made into various kinds of flowers and trees.

Clay Flowers look real, delicate and lively. With proper maintenance, Clay Flowers have an extreme longevity.



Since flowers are handmade, you can create any unique and rare flower in the world. It is interesting! It is fascinating!
The career of making clay flowers requires the Artists to have patience, meticulousness,creativity and practical experience. But most importantly, the love for nature, for flowers and for the profession.


Clay flowers can be used to decorate houses, shops, halls.. or as gifts for friends and relatives on big events, such as  birthdays, Christmas, graduation garlands, Teacher's Day, International Woman's Day..



Many years of experience in teaching the art of clay flower making, we bring you an exciting experience where you can make your own extremely beautiful and life like vases of flowers, It's so wonderful when you give them to your loved ones and friends? You can also design flowers for your home, according to your own styles. So please don't hesitate to contact us for your marvelous clay flowers!  A big welcome to one and all!


Thank you very much! 



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